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There are different types of Russian girls: modest and showy, self-confident and humble, outspoken and reserved but, whatever the type, all of them are unique and captivating....

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Three of the people at the table were from Burger Lift, a start-up that manufactures stainless-steel trivets for individual Burger can sometimes easily account for 40 percent of orders....

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airport Nurnberg / Nuremberg 096 km airport Frankfurt / Main 163 km airport Stuttgart 202 km airport Munchen / Munich 253 km airport Erfurt-Bindersleben 269 km airport Leipzig / Halle / Schkeuditz-Kursdorf 292 km airport Erfurt-Bindersleben 125 km airport Nurnberg / Nuremberg 149 k....

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“Whereas women I find are a lot pickier and most of the men that I've spoken to about it are pretty open about saying that they will just say yes until they get a yes.” Warren Giffin, a 53 year-old school teacher laments the mystery of older forms of dating, where a potential match wasn’t ruled out so quickly....

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