Cam chat k9

Posted by / 22-Oct-2017 08:01

Once you've set profiles up you can also then save photos using the treat cam and can assign them to your pet's profile on Petzi.

You can also save to a tablet such as i Pads if you select to view i Phone apps and it works fine also.

Danny is a rescue dog and still largely shapes how he acts based on which dog he's with.

If he's playing with Chris, he's happy to be rambunctious. If he's with the cat, he assesses her mood before approaching (clever boy).

Once downloaded you're guided through an easy set up where you register your account and can then begin adding your pets profiles.

Article continues below Others using Petzi can then 'awww' at your pets and let's be honest, who doesn't want other pet lovers to tell you how adorable they think your pets really are.

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In fact, I even think Danny's worked out that the red light of the active camera means treats are sure to come soon before the jingle even sounds.