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They are friendly and like to have a good time but they also know their mind and if they find a guy bothering them, they also know how to put him in his place.At the same time because of their friendly natures, Brazilian women are also likely to have a wide circle of male admirers if not boyfriends.It provides advice to American men regarding dating Brazilian women, and is written by a Brazilian woman currently living in the states who writes under the name Brasil Magic. As I happen to be pretty much the reciprocal of Brasil Magic – an American man living in Brazil – I thought I’d offer up my own thoughts. Today women are dentists and doctors and lawyers and business owners.

Comfortable with physical contact If you belong to a culture where people remain in their personal spaces when interacting, you may have a tough time understanding why your Brazilian female friend or date is of the touchy-feely type.

They take time to greet and say good-bye to each person present.

Men and women usually kiss twice – once on each cheek – upon meeting someone for the first time, even if they are married.

This is because physical contact is quite acceptable in interpersonal dealings in this culture.

People in Brazil stand quite close to one another when talking or hanging out.

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