Free online dating craigslist

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Free online dating craigslist

Only the most knowledgeable collectors and dealers, who were familiar with the intricacies of the cards, such as printing techniques and card stock properties, were able to comfortably buy higher dollar cards without the threat of being cheated.

The common collector was a prime candidate to be taken advantage of.

Even a beginning collector could buy a PSA graded card with the utmost confidence.

Below is a list of cards most commonly found in the scam: Obviously, having the card in hand is the best and easiest way to determine if the holder and card have been compromised, however typically nowadays when cards are bought, a picture or scan of the cards is all collectors have to go off of.

Below, I’ll outline the specific scam and what measures need to be taken to avoid this specific scam and scams of a similar nature.

The scam, which originated in California, involved selling high dollar counterfeit cards in legitimate PSA holders.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for the scam artists to figure out how to get their piece of pie in the graded card market.

The most widely known and successful scam originated in California and is referred to amongst collectors as the “California Craigslist PSA scam”.

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The three components that need to be scrutinized are the holder, the flip, and the card.

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