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Ileostomy dating sites

They take responsibility for their own relationships.

There are lots of people who have handicaps worse than yours.

Like having a face full of zits you can't get rid of... IF, the person I met already had it and had no plans of removing or could I guess.

You have to feel comfortable in your own skin and have the guts to get on a site like this and be honest. If I was already involved, different story of course.

I think it's next to impossible to find a lasting relationship through Internet dating, but on occasion, it does happen I think you might want to change your age restrictions.... (might be circumstantial and temporary but I wouldn't give you a second look. I have changed the profile to Friends because of other medical problems limiting my ability to fulfil a full relationship.

Jax, I agree that you may have a bigger issue with it than others and it does appear that you are defining yourself by it. I work with people who are quads/paras and when I am talking with some folks, I don't see the chair and with others it is larger than life and it has nothing to do with anything beyond their attitude about their need for the chair. I think you’re probably tired of starting an acquaintanceship with a guy only to have him head for the hills once you reveal your situation. Perhaps leave it blank on your profile and then state temporary explanation via email or over coffee)It'll all work itself out fine, jax. Some of you are probably correct that it is MY problem or hangup, but I did want to be upfront with it so I did not have to introduce the fact after meeting someone and being rejected...

Some people think they can't find a relationship because they are too beautiful.

If you don't want to have a relationship, you don't have to have one.

I also see it says these are SLOWLY being transitioned to K-Pouch or BCIR. Everyone has a preconceived idea of physical beauty and everyone thinks they would never get involved with someone who doesn't measure up to that idea.

Some people are blind, some are paraplegics and must live in a wheelchair.

There are all sorts of physical handicaps, disabilities and inconveniences.

But, these physical things only restrict a relationship if you believe they will and if you let them.

There are lots of perfectly beautiful people who can't find lovers too.

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