Online dating 3 day rule

Posted by / 16-Aug-2017 10:46

There's no guarantee you'll be accepted as a member, and even if you are, their "matchmakers" decide who you should be hooked up with. I always look forward to trying out a new dating site that comes on the scene.

I’d rather be an adult and use a better, less-controlling dating site to make my own decisions, and leave this elitist, bologna behind.With Three Day Rule, the freedom to go your own way is taken from you.With all due respect, I think I’ve got a better idea of who is good for me than you do, random “matchmaker” person. The only plus side to this website is the fact that it’s currently free.Since it’s also free, you can try it without any sort of monetary commitment.Plus, you can take your own dating life in your own hands, choosing who you contact yourself, even though it does suggest matches for you.

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