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“And we’d do the scene again, and she’d just nail it.

I remember looking up at [cinematographer] Roger Deakins and saying: ‘Is she doing this stuff every day? ’ And he just nodded to me and said, ‘She’s that good.’ ” Damon says the Coens made it easier for all the actors by giving them a book with reproductions of the storyboards along with the script — part of their usual M. “Those are handed out to the entire crew, so you not only know the dialogue, but you can actually look at what the shot is going to be,” Damon says.

We can interpret these unlikely speech patterns as an indication that everything in this tale, including the dialogue, is being filtered through the recollection of a proper, educated middle-aged woman for whom that kind language makes perfect sense.

The viewer never sees young Mattie learn to speak this way; she is gifted immediately with her verbal capacity because it is filtered through the woman narrating the tale.

[This article is adapted from a presentation I recently gave at the conference of the Central States Communication Association along with my colleagues, Bill Bettler, Don Carrell and Jeff Brautigam.] is told as a recollection narrated in flashback by a 40-year-old woman, Mattie Ross, about a critical event from her early adolescence.

Her age of 14 during the main action of the film is definitely not an accident.

She won the part after reading for the Coens with Bridges, Matthews and Barry Pepper, the actor playing villain Lucky Ned Pepper.

“Just the thought of it was kind of intimidating,” Steinfeld recalls about the audition, where she was up against three other finalists.

“I saw the notes they were giving her, and they were some pretty complex adjustments,” he recalls.

One of the most striking things about the film is how all the characters speak in an articulate, overly precise, contraction-less manner that is both puzzling and humorous (e.g., Rooster evaluates a dead body and then pointedly declares: “I do not know this man.”).

Such language is unexpected from 14-year-old girls, bounty hunters and outlaws.

It lacks humility on the part of the narrator and does not allow the audience to draw a connection between what Mattie was and what she became.

It is a story that emphasizes agency and personal empowerment—Mattie is a force to be reckoned with when she barters; when she bullies Rooster; and when she shoots the no-good Tom Chaney. The audience can presume that this forcefulness led to her success in later life when she took over her families’ business.

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Legend has it that when John Wayne charged across a meadow at his enemies — reins in teeth and guns a-blazing — as hard-drinking, one-eyed U. Marshal Reuben “Rooster” Cogburn during the iconic climax of 1969’s , he made the dangerous ride himself, atop a live horse.