Speed dating virginia alexandria 50

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Speed dating virginia alexandria 50

Beautiful image and housed in a full thermoplastic case. Item #67213 Absolutely immaculate sixth plate ruby ambrotype!

Beautiful view of this rebel soldier straight out of South Carolina.

You can see where he had a large tear in the flap of the jacket there by his thigh and it was repaired. I believe it's a M1845 two piece eagle militia plate but I'm not entirely certain. He casually wears a four button sack coat over a heavy wool overshirt and a nice, big silk cravat. Item #89121 Beautiful and rare carte view of the "Drummer Boy of the Rappahannock" Robert Henry Hendershott.Seated pose dressed in a very course grey, wool suit and sporting this wonderful D-Guard bowie.This is a classic view by Charles Rees of Richmond however it is not signed.He's dressed in what I tend to think was a green frock.The collar and cuffs are trimmed with white facings fringed in lace.

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Dressed in this 8 button grey frock with a large breast pocket cut on an angle.