State of maine sex offender website

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State of maine sex offender website

According to official records, the persons listed on this page have been convicted in a court of law of a crime known as a sex offense.

Please note that although we are responsible to maintain accuracy of these pages and our documents, there is always the possibility that a person's name or other information appears by some type of error or mistake.

SBI is the agency responsible for maintaining the SOR for the State of Maine.

The SOR houses the list of individuals required by law to register as either a 10-year or a lifetime registrant.

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This information is provided for safety reasons only and no action should be taken regarding these individuals.

The Offender List does not and cannot guarantee that the information found on this website or any of the links from this website is accurate or current.

In 1996, with the passage of 13 VSA, Chapter 167, Subchapter 3, the Vermont Sex Offender Registry was established at the Vermont Crime Information Center (VCIC).

If a Maine name is returned in the results, the link then takes the requester to the State of Maine's Sex Offender web site.

Our Mission : The mission of the Department of Corrections is to reduce the likelihood that juvenile and adult offenders will re-offend, by providing practices, programs and services which are evidence-based and which hold the offenders accountable.

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All additions, changes, and closings made in the SOR are downloaded nightly to the public web site.